1. Ant nest in yard

    With all the rain we’ve had this season, the ants will be pretty bad this spring. Here is some video taken today by one of our technicians Joseph. Make sure you have AmeriGuard Pest Defense treat your home before it’s to late. 951-652-0505…Read More

  2. Termite local treatment in wall

    Here is a short video of our foaming machine being used to treat for drywood termites in a wall void. This is a service we can perform as an alternative to a termite tent fumigation when the results will still be effective. Termite local treatments come with a termite guarantee of the treated areas only when compared to the whole house guarantee that comes with a structural tent fumigation. AmeriG…Read More

  3. Subterranean Termite Soil Treatment

    Here is a picture from a Social media post we did about a subterranean termite treatment we just recently performed in Hemet. The homeowner was in need of our assistance when they found what they thought was termite evidence on a bedroom door jamb. After performing the inspection we discovered a big crack in the foundation three feet away from the door and also discovered some termite there as wel…Read More

  4. Termite wood treatment on exposed wood

    Here is a video of our technician Jordon performing a Timbor liquid treatment on some exposed wood in a garage. We also did a local treat on the spots that were infested with termites with a product called Termidor. Call AmeriGuard Pest Defense today at 951-652-0505 in order to schedule a termite inspection.…Read More

  5. Heavy ant infestation in yard

    Read More

  6. AmeriGuard performing a termite spot treatment

    Our technician Jordon has his battle suit on and ready to kill off a drywood termite population under this porch an inside of a shed. We performed this termite spot treatment successfully after using a borate product called Timbor and an awesome termiticide called Termidor. We recommend you call AmeriGuard Pest Defense today at 951-652-0505 to schedule a termite inspection. Whether you need a insp…Read More

  7. Termites on deck

    99% of homeowners would have never known this 2nd story deck was being supported by a badly infested 2x12 beam. It takes a qualified inspector to understand everything to look for. Please call AmeriGuard Pest Defense to order a full inspection for your home if you haven’t had one in the last few years. 951-652-0505. Thank you. #termitespecialist #termitecontrol #localpestcontrol  …Read More

  8. AmeriGuard team meeting

    Here is a picture of your AmeriGuard team members having a meeting in order to discuss how we can better serve you as our customer and your homes. We meet on a regular basis in order to train on chemicals, customer service, set goals, reflect on prior months, and have open team discussions. Employee moral also leads to better service, dedication, loyalty, and results. Please make sure to call us t…Read More

  9. Gopher Trapping Service

    Here are a couple pictures of our technician Joseph and his successful gopher trapping service that he provided for one on our many satisfied customers. Gopher trapping is a good alternative that we offer for those who would rather not use gopher bait. Gopher trapping services are usually done as a three part service all done within a few weeks. The technician will inspect all the gopher mounds an…Read More