When people think about pest control, they usually think about spiders, cockroaches, and mice. But there are creatures that pose as big of a problem (or even bigger!) in your home. That’s why our Murrieta pest control is dedicated to being a full-service pest control company that helps keep your home safe and clean. Here is a selection of some of the pests we can help eliminate in your home and property:

Gophers: These critters destroy your landscaping and the yard you’ve been working so hard to cultivate. Gophers are active year round, too, making them a huge nuisance no matter what the season.

Termites: Damage in your home from termites can be wide spread and extremely expensive to rectify. It can harm your chances are selling your home in the future, too. There are two different kinds of termites, and we can eliminate both.

Birds: You might not immediately consider birds to be a pest, but once they’ve started damaging your property you will. Birds such as pigeons carry diseases that can be contracted by humans. If these birds nest in roofs and eaves, their droppings can be unsightly and a nuisance. We’ll remove the birds and help with the sanitation and decontamination process.

There are more pests our Murrieta pest control can help with, so no matter what creatures are bothering your home, we can help. Call for a free quote today!