Bird Exclusion

As we showed you in this case study, birds can become a nuisance when they start roosting on window ledges and eaves. Pigeons, referred to as “rats with wings” by some, leave droppings (guano) on building surfaces, which can stain and discolor structural finishes. They build nests and cause noise right outside your windows. Bird droppings can also contain diseases and ectoparasites. Birds can also carry and transmit fleas, mites, lice and ticks. A great way to protect your structure from unwanted birds is with a bird exclusion service.


Pigeon Control Methods

We use a few different methods for bird exclusion that prevents birds from roosting in hard-to-reach areas. for this property, our bird expert, Nic, used metal flashing to construct a bird barrier that created a slope. This slope creates an uneven surface that birds can’t land on. The malleable flashing was bent and made to fit and blend in perfectly with the surrounding structure. Nic painted the metal to match the exterior of the structure. This uneven surface is now impossible for the birds to land on and they can no longer perch on the structure.

Bird Exclusion Services

Birds are no longer able to nest in the space between wood members and the stucco on the house.

Bird Exclusion Before After 1

Metal flashing prevents birds from roosting on ledges.

Bird Exclusion Before After 2

Bird Exclusion Service

Bird Roosting Before After

Bird Roosting Before After Front

Metal Flashing Bird Barriers

As you can see, you do not have to live with the birds that have decided that your residence is their home too. These pigeons quickly learned that there were no more flat surfaces for them to comfortably rest upon. Every surface that they had claimed is now protected with bird resistant barriers. When they try to land on these 45 degree metal angles, they slip and slide and cannot maintain a grip like they used to before.

Get Rid of Birds

If you have unwanted birds nesting on your home, please give us a call. We will take a look and provided a quote to exclude these nuisance birds from your residence. We can also provide decontamination and clean-up services for those unsightly bird dropping that are left behind.

Please give us a call at (951) 652-0505 or submit an online request. We look forward to taking care of all of your bird exclusion and bird clean-up needs.