Crickets may appear harmless, since they don’t bite or sting, but the constant chirping at night combined with the damage that crickets can cause to fabric surfaces make these seemingly innocuous bugs somewhat of a nuisance pest. Fortunately, there are some non-chemical methods that homeowner’s can implement to reduce the likelihood of a cricket infestation, while a cricket pest control service might be necessary in extreme cricket problems.

Crickets Indoors and Outdoors

Crickets are considered an occasional invader inside of homes and businesses and are often seen outdoors in the evening summer months. These nocturnal insects are active at night, often attracted to outdoor lighting, and hide during the day in warm, moist locations. According to Pest World, house crickets often look for shelter as the weather cools down, sometimes finding their way inside of homes, garages and sheds. Once inside, they can damage fabric surfaces and carpeted areas, including wool, cotton, silk and synthetics. In fact, these crickets are called “house crickets” simply because they come inside your house, where they can and will survive for an indefinite amount of time. Yikes! Many a homeowner can attest to a sleepless night here or there spent awakened by the sound of chirping crickets. If an outdoor cricket can keep you up at night, imagine how loud a cricket inside of your house would be?

These notoriously noisy insects make chirping sounds by rubbing their wings together to attract a female mate. And where there are male and female crickets, baby crickets are sure to follow a short time later. In the perfect conditions, females can deposit an average of 728 eggs!

Cricket Control Prevention

Staying on top of a cricket infestation begins with making some changes around the exterior of your home. These simple modifications go a long way for reducing cricket populations.

  • Remove moist hiding areas, including mowing lawns, weeding plant beds and removing woodpiles.
  • Since crickets are attracted to lights, switch exterior lighting to yellow bulbs.
  • Seal small entry points, including around windows, doors and doorsweeps and make sure windows are properly screened.

Cricket Pest Control Service

If crickets are already a nuisance pest at your home or business, it might be time to contact a Cricket Pest Control Service company such as AmeriGuard Pest Defense. We offer one-time services with a 30-Day Guarantee for crickets and year-round cricket pest control service on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. If you elect for a year-round service, your home will always be protected as long as you keep up your routine maintenance program. Just call us in between services for a no-charge special visit. No contracts!