Do you have Spiders in Hemet or San Jacinto?

Black Widow spider control

Over the last few years spider issues seem to have risen if the Hemet and San Jacinto areas. Calls for Black widows and other varieties have increased over 50%. What we have noticed as well is the size of the black widows has also increased overall. This can simply just mean that they are nice and healthy due to a safe environment and plenty of food to sustain their diet. Do you have Spiders in Hemet or San Jacinto?

So what can we do to help you today? If you call AmeriGuard Pest Defense out to treat your home for any type of spider, we will send a trained professional who is ready to use a non-repellent product which is also transferable to other pest as well. This means AmeriGuard will use a product that the spiders cannot detect, therefore they travel through all the treated areas without any knowledge and go about their natural habits. After crossings these areas the spider will then have a lethal dose and will die shortly. Any other insect the spider makes contact with before it dies will also be infected through secondary poisoning. If you do you have Spiders in Hemet or San Jacinto and would like a free quote over the phone make sure to call 951-652-0505 today.

Please remember that spiders may be vary dangerous to humans and animals. We do not advise anyone to handle spiders, especially children. Yes it is true that there are also many beneficial types of spiders that may live throughout your property. Spiders also help reduce populations of other insects through diet. But, when a customer calls us out to their home for spider control the first priority is taking away any risk of a dangerous of a spider or any other pest.