Fire Ant Control Hemet

Ants are a much dreaded pest in and around your home. While most ant species are mere nuisances, red imported fire ants can actually be aggressive and dangerous. Fire ants are named for the burning feeling that is caused by their stings. A fire ant can cause great damage when inflicting a sting since they latch on with their mandibles (jaws) and sting repeatedly. Fire ants also send out pheromones to signal other ants to attack.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants build nests underground with mounds in sandy soil.

Fire ant mounds like the one in the above fire ant control video are best left to be treated by a professional pest control company. Many over-the-counter household pesticides will kill any ants that come into direct contact with the chemical. However, the majority of the fire ant nest is underground.

Fire Ant Control Service

AmeriGuard Pest Defense controls fire ants by using Termidor, a non-detectable and transferable product. The fire ants that come into direct contact with Termidor will transfer the product to every other members of the ant colony that they come into contact with. One-Time Fire Ant Control Services are available and always come with a guarantee. If fire ants reinvade your landscape on a regularly basis, we recommend a Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly pest control service which will always cover fire ants. Call AmeriGuard Pest today for Fire Ant Control Hemet

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