Warm Weather Pests

Adult Cat Flea
Photo by: Ralph Williams, Purdue University

Spring is here and warm weather temperatures are increasing. It’s the perfect time to take an early evening walk, host a family BBQ outdoors and spend time in the backyard. Unfortunately, seasonal outdoor pests, such as fleas, are also enjoying the warmer climate and looking for a host. Don’t let fleas show up uninvited to ruin your outdoor fun!


Flea Season in Southwest Riverside County

We have officially entered flea season  in Southern California, which ranges from April – September. Now is the perfect time to be reminded of how to protect your pets from these blood-sucking parasites and keep the rest of your household from getting bitten by fleas.

  • Check pets for fleas
  • Watch pets for excessive licking and scratching
  • Groom pets after walks
  • Wash pet bedding and plush toys frequently
  • Stay away from tall grassy areas when walking your pet

Source: PestWorld

It is helpful to know a little about the life cycle of fleas in order to understand how a flea infestation progresses quickly.

Flea Life Cycle Stages

There are four stages in a flea life cycle, including: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The adult stage is of particular significance because adult fleas infest pets and will also bite other family members. The adult flea will spend its life time on a suitable host until it dies or falls off. According to PestWorld, an adult flea lives for about 100 days and a female flea can lay up to 18 eggs daily, averaging about 1 egg per hour. Flea eggs are not very sticky and usually fall off the host quickly, hatching within 4-6 days.

Flea Control in Spring and Summer

There are some important steps involved in a flea control service provided by AmeriGuard. These four steps include the following:

  • Customer preparation
  • Customer education
  • Treatment of pets
  • Proper application of pesticides

Flea Control Service Preparation

An efficient and effective flea control service begins with proper customer preparation. All items must be removed from all areas of treatment so that these infested areas are accessible to the service technician performing the flea service. Carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture must be thoroughly vacuumed. Wood or tile flooring also requires a complete sweeping and cleaning, including baseboards.

AmeriGuard requires that customers comply with our Flea Control Preparation Checklist to ensure proper preparation for your flea service.

Flea Education

Fleas may still be present after a flea treatment service and this is not something to be overly concerned about. A good understanding of the flea life cycle is important because while the initial service will target adult fleas, the pupa will be unaffected until the adult fleas emerge and make contact with the residual pesticide. AmeriGuard Pest Defense’s service technicians are also licensed field representatives that are knowledgeable about pest biology, habitat and harborage.

Treating Fleas on Pets

Pets must always be treated for fleas prior to being re-introduced to a home after a flea treatment. It is a good idea to have pets treated professionally by a veterinarian. Flea treatment products can be applied as on-going maintenance for flea control for pets, but these products will not prevent a future flea infestation.

Treating Fleas with the Right Products

It is not uncommon to see fleas for up to 2 weeks after the initial treatment. AmeriGuard Pest Defense targets its flea control service to address the flea life cycle  by performing a two-part flea service with a follow-up flea service scheduled 7-10 days after the initial. AmeriGuard uses Insect Growth Regulator (IGRs) to treat pests such as fleas. IGRs help to achieve long-term control over fleas by disrupting the fleas reproductive system and preventing flea larvae from maturing into adult fleas and reproducing. The application of IGRs stops the flea reproductive cycle.

If you see signs of a flea infestation, call your pest professionals at AmeriGuard at (951) 652-0505 to schedule a 2-Part Flea Control Service. We look forward to speaking with you to get rid of your flea problem. Don’t forget to follow the tips above to protect your pets from fleas and prevent a future flea outbreak in your home or yard.