Fungus Control

You might not think that fungus would be important to a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Report. However, a WDO report isn’t just for findings such as drywood or subterranean termites. A WDO Report includes all Section I items that are wood destroying organisms, which includes fungus, and dry-rot. Fungus control is an important topic because if left untreated it can cause further damage to wood members of a structure.

What is Fungus?

Fungus and dry rot are organisms that attack wood and other organic matter. Moist areas support growth of fungus and dry rot.

Fungus Damage Wood 1

Fungus-damaged patio wood members.

What Causes Fungus or Dry Rot?

Rain, sprinkle systems and other moisture contributors can cause fungus or dry rot.

Water has contributed to fungus and weathered wood

Water has contributed to fungus and weathered wood

How to Prevent Fungus and Dry Rot?

Make sure your roof is kept in good condition. It is important to keep all exterior wood primed, painted and properly sealed and caulked.

Fungus is an active infestation

Fungus is an active infestation

If you are a homeowner and suspect fungus or dry rot, contact your fungus specialists at AmeriGuard Pest Defense to set up an inspection by calling (951) 652-0505. AmeriGuard will then recommend all the fungus treatment options available for your situation. We will also give you a wood repair quote to repair the damaged wood and restore your home to its original beauty. If you are a Real Estate agent, all Section I items will be covered on the Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Report when you order a termite inspection.