Cockroach Control

Cockroach control services are a common service requested by both homeowners and businesses. There are four main species of cockroaches that are problematic in southwest Riverside county. This article focuses on cockroach control treatments, specifically for the German cockroach (Blattella germanica); one of the most common species of cockroaches found worldwide. It does not take long for a German cockroach infestation to develop. In fact, all you need is a single female cockroach with an egg sac to begin a cockroach control problem, which can seemingly turn into a full blown infestation overnight.

German Cockroach Habitat

German cockroaches have adapted to living with humans and have become quite difficult for homeowner’s to control. The German Cockroach is the only species of cockroach in southern California that carries its egg sack on its back, protecting the eggs from predators and cockroach control treatments. The German cockroach is a social insect, establishing large colonies and then spreading via wall voids. German cockroaches prefer to live in tight cracks and crevices often near food and moisture sources, making residential and commercial kitchen environments prime habitats and harborages.

German cockroaches are found in many locations throughout a building, however, they prefer warm and humid places, including kitchens and bathrooms. Excellent hitchhikers, German cockroaches are easily transported via grocery bags, cardboard boxes, drink cartons and secondhand appliances. 

According to PestWorld, German cockroaches can feed on most anything, including grease, soaps, glue and toothpaste.


Cockroach Control Service
German Cockroach Kitchen Infestation

German Cockroach Threats

Not only are German cockroaches a bothersome pest, they have also been linked to outbreaks of illness and allergic reactions. It is estimated that cockroaches can spread at least 33 types of bacteria, 6 variations of parasitic worms and as many as 7 other types of human pathogens. Cockroaches shed their bodies as they mature and grow into a new skin leaving the vacated skin within wall voids. Medical reports show that cockroach allergens are to blame for allergic reactions in children and can worsen asthma attacks. You can see why homeowners should take immediate action in scheduling a cockroach control service.

German Cockroach Control Service

Ameriguard Pest Defense’s German Cockroach Control Service begins with a licensed technician providing a full inspection of your residencey. During the inspection, your technician will identify potential problem areas, paying extra attention to the kitchen, bathrooms and other sources of food and water. After the source of your problem areas have been identified, your technician will point out other potential cockroach harborages and steps you can take to reduce future German cockroach infestations.

German Cockroach Prevention

Once a German cockroach infestation is underway, it is very difficult if next to impossible to perform a cockroach control service on your own, primarily because a single female German cockroach can breed at a rate of six generations per year. However, there are some prevention tips to insure that you do not unknowingly introduce a cockroach problem into your residence. These tips will also help if you have recently eradicated a cockroach infestation and want to avoid a re-invasion.

  • Frequent vacuuming and disposing of garbage regularly
  • Keep counter tops and kitchen surfaces and floors clean and free of crumbs and grease that can attract pests
  • Pay close attention on kitchens and bathrooms, specifically under appliances and plumbing access lines that are prone to cockroach infestations
  • Dispose of cardboard materials from warehouse and big box stores immediately after removing store contents and inspect any second hand appliances brought into your home

Preparation For a Cockroach Control Service

For your protection, AmeriGuard Pest Defense requires all German cockroach control services to comply with our Client Preparation Checklist before the German cockroach treatment can begin. The Client Preparation Checklist can be reviewed on our website here. Upon arrival, your technician will verify completion of the preparation checklist. Failure to complete the steps listed in the preparation checklist may delay treatment and potentially void any guarantees on our cockroach control service.

German Cockroach Infestation?

If you suspect a German cockroach infestation, contact your local and licensed pest professionals at AmeriGuard Pest Defense today to schedule a cockroach control service by calling (951) 652-0505. You may also contact us on the web by completing the “Contact Us” form above. We look forward to speaking with you to assist in setting up your cockroach control service.