Gopher Control

Burrowing rodents, such as gophers, can cause a homeowner undesirable damage. How frustrating that you  have spent money, time and energy on landscaping your yard only to have that hard work undermined by a gopher infestation. Mounds of fresh soil are the first indication of a gopher problem. Gophers form fan-shaped mounds as they dig tunnels and push loose dirt to the surface. Gophers feed on plants, roots, gardens and vegetation. They can also destroy underground irrigation lines, utility cables and sprinkler systems as well as produce faulty grades costing homeowners money, unnecessary stress and damage. One gopher can create 1-3 mounds daily, especially in optimal digging conditions, such as irrigated flower beds, lawns and gardens.

Pocket gophers are a challenging pest to control once a population is established and thriving. Be prepared to take immediate action to control gophers if you see gopher activity, as damage can occur in a short period of time. It is easier, more affordable and less time consuming to control one or two gophers than to wait until the population gets out of control. A gopher diet consists of trees, roots, bulbs, alfalfa, grass and dandelions. Eliminating these food sources may help to reduce the attractiveness of your property to gophers.

In Southern California, gophers DO NOT hibernate and are not only active year round but also breed year round as well. Pocket Gophers are a vertebrate pest and a special agricultural license is required to treat this type of ground-burrowing pest.

As you can see in the below Gopher Burrow System, a gopher tunnel system is extensively and intricately constructed, with drainage tunnels, food storage areas and a nesting site. The gopher tunnel systems run parallel to the ground. The fan-shaped gopher mounds that you see popping up in your yard are the lateral runs where they expel all of that extra dirt. Pocket gophers seal this hole and do not return one it is plugged. This is why many homeowners fail in their efforts.

Gopher Burrow System

At-Home Gopher Control Options

Homeowners often report trying several at-home methods before finally contacting agricultural pest specialist at AmeriGuard Pest Defense. By this point, homeowner’s are exasperated and defeated by the personal war being fought in their beautifully landscaped yards. We hear stories of homeowner’s shoving sticks of wintergreen gum into gopher holes, sticking the hose and trying to flood the tunnel with water in attempts to “drown that sucker”, pouring coffee into gopher mounds as well as human urine! All of these failed attempts do nothing more than prolong the treatment, while the gophers continue to dig and push up dirt – sometimes up to 3 mounds a day per gopher.

Over-the-Counter Gopher Control Options

Are you not having any luck with the gopher bait available at your local hardware store? First, the problem could be the application methods, but let’s suppose you get the bait into the right location. Baits available to consumers require multiple feedings. Let’s assume that your gopher eats a little of the bait. It is highly possible that the gopher will become “bait shy” and avoid future feedings since one feeding is not enough to provide a lethal dose and get rid of the gopher.

Gopher Inspection

Our gopher technician will begin the initial gopher service and any follow-up service with a complete inspection and/or re-inspection of the property. Depending on the duration and severity of the gopher infestation, the technician will recommend a plan that fits your needs and budget. Our agricultural gopher control specialists will identify the underground burrows by locating the freshest mounds of dark soil.

Gopher Treatment Plans & Recommendations

For an extensive gopher population, our technician may recommend a follow-up service with a lower retreat cost to be determined during the initial service. Just like it takes time for an gopher infestation to build up, it may also take time to gain control of an extensive gopher problem. Our agricultural pest specialist may advise and recommend a bi-weekly or monthly maintenance plan to achieve optimum gopher control and to stay on top of gopher activity. If your property borders wild lands, vacant lots, open fields or neighboring yards with gopher problems, you can expect gophers to re-invade regularly. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop gophers from entering your yard, however we can definitely treat for them once they appear.

Our Promise

We pledge to take care of the gopher activity that is observed at the time of inspection. Our goal is to reduce and maintain control of the gopher population. This goal may require more than one application through additional re-treatments.

What You Should Know

Pets & Children – keep pets and people out of the way during application. As a precaution, please ensure that pets and children do not have access to the treatment areas. Please keep any animals that like to dig in the yard away from the areas of treatment.

Fresh Activity – after the initial service, the technician will smooth and flatten the mounds that are pushed up. Do not disturb any new gopher mound evidence so that our technician can re-evaluate the new gopher evidence, if additional services are needed.

Disposal – inspect for dead gophers regularly. Collect and dispose of dead rodents in garbage or by burying.

AmeriGuard Pest Defense gopher experts know exactly where to probe to identify those intricate underground burrow systems for our residential customers. We have several different treatment plan options available to fit your unique situation ranging from baiting, gassing and the chemical-free Rodenator service.

AmeriGuard is available to answer your gopher questions by phone by calling (951) 652-0505. Call us today to find out which gopher eradication method is right for your yard.