Gophers are one of the most dreaded landscape pests. A single gopher can create a mess of your yard in a relatively quick amount of time. Left unchallenged, gophers will destroy your grass and turf, eat the roots of your plants and create unsightly mounds of dirt while damaging the structural integrity of your soil. It may seem like your beautifully manicured yard can go from pristine to troubled overnight.

According to the University of California Agricultural & Natural Resources, gophers do not hibernate in irrigated areas and can produce up to 3 litters a year.  In non-irrigated locations, gophers can produce 1 litter per year and seem to be most active in spring and late fall after periods of breeding. Mounds can occur at any time of the day with gophers easily pushing up dirty in irrigated areas like lawns and flower beds year-round. In non-irrigated locations, gophers are most active when soil is moist in spring and fall.

Gopher Prevention

Unfortunately there isn’t must you can do to discourage gophers from choosing to inhabit your yard. Living near vacant land or a neighbor with an untreated gopher infestation often leaves you an unavoidable gopher challenge. Even if you do not have grass, gophers will tunnel beneath the soil and create an underground burrow system. While there are not many steps that you can take to prevent a gopher infestation, you can reduce the severity of the problem by acting quickly and preventing future gopher damage by calling a professional gopher control company. AmeriGuard Pest Defense is a licensed Gopher Service Hemet Company performing a variety of gopher services on a daily basis. Once a gopher service is scheduled, AmeriGuard will provide a complimentary gopher inspection for most residential locations. Exclusions may apply for large lot sizes and rural settings.

Scheduling a Gopher Service Hemet Company

AmeriGuard Pest Defense makes scheduling a gopher service in Hemet as easy as possible. Call our office at (951) 652-0505 and we will walk you through the process, getting as much information as possible over the phone so we can prepare our gopher technicians on how best to treat your gopher problem. Based on the unique characteristics of your gopher problem, we will suggest either a One-Time Gopher Control Service or a 3-Part Gopher Control Program, with follow-up services scheduled at your convenience. Monthly Gopher Control Maintenance plans are also available for as long as you request. Services can be cancelled at any time because AmeriGuard Pest Defense does not require contracts.