Eek! A mouse in the house? No bueno.

Do you have a Mice Problem in Hemet 92544

If so, you’ll want to set up a service to get rid of your mice problem sooner than later. Before they have baby mice. Unless you want a bunch of baby mice running around your backyard. Maybe you are a cat person. And cats love mice. I mean, free mice are cheaper than cat food. Maybe you could start selling mice to your other cat lady friends? You might be on to something. Or maybe we could just start doing mice control with cats? Our technicians could just show up with a bunch of hungry felines and set them loose for 30 days and pick them up at the end of the month. But then you might get fleas…

All kidding aside, mice can create a real problem in and around your home. Mice chew wires, they defecate and urinate wherever they go and they spread disease.