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Young Cameron gets donation from AmeriGuard PestDefense in Hemet California.

Today AmeriGuard Pest Defense in Hemet, Ca had a bright young man named Cameron walk into our office seeking donations toward his 4H Club goals. Of course we as as company are very excited for these kinds of opportunities. Cameron is currently raising swine (Bacon & Archie) and will be showcasing them at the local Riverside County Fairs this year.

AmeriGuard Pest Defense likes to help young people in these types of organization because it teaches them about agriculture, raising animals, community service, social skills, and basic politics. As the CEO of AmeriGuard, it was nice to see that there are still many young people who are interested in participating in awesome organizations such as 4H and FFA. As a former FFA member in El Centro, CA, I remeber when I too raised a young pig which eventually was auctioned off at the California Mid-Winter Fair in Imperial, CA. It was a very neat experience and I recommend that parents introduce their children to as many things as possible in life such as these organizations. Life isn’t all about sports and grades. It is also important for us to learn the interactions with agriculture and livestock. Of course it helps when people live in a city and county which helps promote this eco-system, but I feel that it is extremely important for people to understand what they eat, where it comes from, how it’s done, and why. If people can grow up being exposed to all these wonderful things, I feel as if they will learn to have a much deeper respect for earth and all things that grow on it. Kids like Cameron are another reason i still believe in the possibilty of a strong future in the U.S Agricultural Industry.

Richard Parker /CEO

Donation was made possible by the AmeriGuard Green Division

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(Hemet Pest Control Company donates toward 4H members cause.)

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