Is Rot Ruining Your Investment?

Wood is a strong and hardy material and is usually not easily decayed. For this reason, hardwoods and softwoods are used in home construction. Softwoods such as Douglas fir, western hemlock, cedar and redwood are more easily decayed by wood destroying organisms, such as fungi, than their hardwood counterparts.

When wood used in building structures is not protected from outside elements, mostly water, the wood is susceptible to attack by wood-decay fungi or rot. Wood members should be kept dry and protected to avoid wood-decaying organisms such as fungus (r0t).

Types of Rot

Wood-decay fungi feed on wood for nutrients. The two types of fungi that destroy wood are brown rot and white rot.

Brown rot is weak and brittle and dark in color with cracking across the wood grain. Eventually the wood appears dry and powdery in later stages and is referred to as dry-rot.

What Causes Rot?

Moisture that is allowed to accumulate on wood members and is not readily evaporated is a contributing factor to wood rot. At high moisture levels, water is present within wood cells. Moisture sources within a structure may include the following: plumbing leaks, condensation, soil moisture, poor ventilation, earth-to-wood contacts, roof and rain gutter leaks and more.

Eliminating Wood Rot Conditions

The most important method for preventing rot in a structure is to eliminate conditions that cause excessive moisture that allows the growth of fungus. Water should drain away from the structure through proper draining and grade conditions. Rain gutters and spouts should move water away from the foundation. Subareas and crawlspaces should have proper ventilation to reduce excessive moisture conditions.

Dry Rot Wood Repair

Depending on the location and severity of the wood-decay fungus, AmeriGuard Pest Defense corrects conditions of rot by either a treat, gouge and fill or by removing and replacing the infested wood. In the case of the rot in the below situation, our wood repair crew removed the wood-decay rot and replaced it with new wood material.

Dry Rot Wood Repair
The wood members of this patio roof have been infested by rot, a form of wood-decay fungus.


Dry Rot Wood Repair
The infested wood members were removed and replaced with new wood to correct the rot condition.
Dry Rot Wood Repair
The new wood members are ready to be painted to restore this home to its original condition.

AmeriGuard Pest Defense has an in-house wood repair crew to restore your home to its original beauty. If you see fungus or rot conditions forming in your structure, it’s best to take action quickly to prevent further damage to the structural support and integrity of one of your biggest investments – your home.  Water-conducting rots can cause significant damage in a short period of time. AmeriGuard Pest Defense can be reached at (951) 652-0505 to discuss all of your rot wood repair needs and fungus treatments. A licensed termite inspector will perform an inspection to identify all conditions of rot, dry-rot and fungus.