Rodents – so cute and lovable in cartoons. But mice and rats in your house and attic aren’t as adorable as their cartoon counterparts would like you to believe. While they certainly might be as fast as Speedy Gonzalez and as frustrating as Jerry, they certainly won’t be as welcome as Mickey when they show up in your living room.

Speedy Gonzales.


Tom & Jerry.

tom jerry

Mickey Mouse.


I mean, you could certainly set a trap and catch one for a pet. But if there is one mouse in your house, there are probably more because rodents are commensal, meaning that they live and benefit from living close to humans, and they reproduce often. It is no wonder that rodents are one of the most successful mammals on earth, largely due to their high adaptability and frequent reproduction.

How do you know if you have a rodent problem?

An exterior rodent problem may not be super obvious at the outset, but then you might start to see something scurry across a back wall at night. Next, you might start to visualize rodent droppings in your garage. Once rodents move inside your structure, the evidence is even more apparent. You might hear scratching noises at night or find rat droppings in your pantry and at the very worse, you see something scamper across the kitchen and run under the stove!

What does AmeriGuard Pest Defense do to get rid of a rodent problem?

Inspection – all rodent baiting services include a free inspection.
Exclusion – if the rodent inspection reveals entry points, we will provide a free quote for exclusion to prevent rodents from entering your attic and home.
Baiting – a 30-Day Rodent Baiting Program includes a 2-week follow-up appointment to recheck rodent bait boxes and refill or relocate as needed. Boxes will be picked up at the end of the 30-day time frame.
Clean-up – rodents leave droppings, urine stains, grease marks and can contaminate and destroy insulation. AmeriGuard will provide a rodent sanitization and clean-up quote if requested.
Monthly Rodent Control – some residential rodent problems are corrected with a simple 30-Day Rodent Baiting Program, whereas other situations might require ongoing baiting to reduce the surrounding rodent population. A monthly rodent control service is recommended in certain locations were rodent populations are high or neighborhoods that border vacant lots and wildlands.

Goodnight little mouse. And goodnight house.