Organic Gopher Service

Looking for an organic gopher service option? The Rodenator is a chemical-free solution for ground-burrowing pests like gophers, squirrels and moles. The Rodenator combines a precisely measured combination of an oxygen and propane mixture that delivers a concussive force to the underground burrow systems of vertebrate pests. The Rodenator can also collapse the tunnel systems ensuring that new burrowing pests aren’t able to easily move in to existing underground burrow systems.

Gopher Control Alternatives

AmeriGuard offers a variety of options for getting rid of gophers and squirrels. The Rodenator is perfect for open landscapes where a severe gopher problem exists. The Rodenator is also a great alternative for sensitive areas in which pesticides cannot be used, especially in organic farming, wine vineyards and horse ranch settings. The Rodenator is an option for pesticide-free organic gopher treatment.

Remember the gopher inspection where we observed an extensive gopher problem? Due to the open space provided by this property and the length of time of the gopher problem, we were able to use the Rodenator to provide a quick and effective knockdown of the gopher population.

Rodenator Gopher Control Service

We filmed some of the gopher service using the Rodenator.

The Rodenator is considered an organic gopher service method, meaning that it is safe for use in organic farming settings. The Rodenator is an environmentally safe alternative to gopher baiting services.

If you are interested in learning more about how a Rodenator service can get rid of a gopher problem at your property, please contact AmeriGuard Pest Defense at (951) 652-0505 to discuss your gopher control needs. You may also contact us online by submitting a contact form on our website.