Organic Pest Control, Botanical & Green Pest Control

In an ever-changing world, more and more consumers are becoming earth conscious and environmentally friendly. AmeriGuard Pest Defense is proud to offer services geared toward customers that prefer this alternative method to traditional pest control. Consumers often call AmeriGuard to inquire about organic pest control options that they wish to have used in and around their home.

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Organic Pest Control

There is a growing organic movement and we often hear about organic crops and organic farming. However, the term “organic” means something different in the pest control industry. The phrase “organic pest control” refers to organic chemicals that contain carbon and hyrdrogen as their basic structure (Source: University of California). It is important not to become confused by pest control companies advertising their services as safe, non-toxic or organic. In fact, in California, it is against the Structural Pest Control Act to advertise pest control services that are “safe”, “non-poisonous”, “harmless”, “non-toxic” or “EPA-approved”.

Botanical Pest Control

Botanical Pest ControlBotanical pest control can also be misleading to consumers looking for alternatives to traditional pesticides. Did you know that the highly lethal strychnine is botanical? That’s right – certain plants contain substances that are naturally poisonous to insects and other mammals. Chrysanthemum flowers produce pyrethrum and strychnine is produced from dried seeds from the strychnos tree in India.

Just because something is labeled as organic pest control does not mean that is what you intend to have used at your property to control your general household pests.

AmeriGuard Green Defense

Organic Pest ControlAmeriGuard offers a Green Defense program using low-impact botanical products with blends of naturally derived essential oils and pheromones specifically designed to take down target pests by blocking the insect’s nervous system without impacting other animals. Examples of the botanical products used include: wintergreen, rosemary, thyme and other essential oils.

As you can see, even products that are derived from natural sources are not non-toxic or 100% “safe” and it is misleading to advertise as such. Even household window cleaners are toxic at some level. The best way to ensure that the pest populations are reduced at your home is to combine a reduced toxicity approach with Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Is the AmeriGuard Green Defense service right for your home?

Reducing the use of pesticides on your property is the first step. Green green service also relies on Integrated Pest Management (IPM). An IPM approach can be very effective at reducing pest problems at your property. Below are some strategies for minimizing pest habitats and reducing infestations.

  • Clean rain gutters
  • Keep tree branches trimmed back from roofs
  • Store firewood away from the house to reduce rodent and spider harborage sites
  • Keep trash in sealed containers
  • Make sure windows are screened securely
  • Seal window frames
  • Seal any exterior cracks, crevices or holes
  • Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed back from the house

Contact AmeriGuard Pest Defense by calling (951) 652-0505 to discuss your pest control concerns and schedule a botanical pest control service appointment today. We look forward to speaking with you about your pest issues and help you work toward minimizing pest outbreaks.