Prevent Pest Problems – Spring Pest Control Cleaning


When Insects Become Pests

AmeriGuard Pest Defense is in the business of pest control. It’s what we do. We are more than happy to help rid your home of a pest invasion; however, we are also in the business of insect education and we believe that an informed customer is a happy customer. As many of you are spending more time outdoors enjoying the seasonal warmth of spring, insects are also emerging and enjoying the rise in temperature and searching for food, moisture and shelter. Insects become pests when they enter your landscape and venture indoors. Learn how to minimize pest infestations and stop insects from making themselves too comfortable in the inside and outside of your home.

Spring Cleaning to Prevent Pest Problems

Now is the time to open up the windows and let in the fresh air, without the unwanted pests. One of the most important ways to prevent pests or catch the signs of an early infestation is  to make sure the interior and exterior of your home is clean and well-maintained.

  • Routine Cleaning – Regularly cleaning behind furniture and hiding places will eliminate spaces for pests to hide. Routine vacuuming will also disturb pests from their hiding place and catch an infestation early.
  • Remove Clutter – The more unused cluttered items stored inside your home, the more places for pests to get comfortable and hide.
  • Repair Entry Points – Door thresholds should fight tightly and windows should be properly screened and secured. Missing attic vents and damage to skirting around homes should be repaired to prevent outside pests from gaining access inside.

Exterior Maintenance to Prevent Pest Problems

Most insect problems originate outside and sometimes these outside insects become an inside problem.

  • Clean Rain Gutters – Moisture and organic debris is the perfect shelter and harborage for many insects. Clean rain gutters not only will help drain water away from your structure but will also eliminate a possibly breeding location and hiding place for pests.
  • Trim Vegetation – shrubs, bushes and tree limbs should be cut back away from any structure to prevent pests from gaining direct access to your structure.
  • Power Washing – Washing the exterior of your home, including window fittings and screens, light fixtures, exterior siding, stucco and brick, cracks and crevices and other ornamental features will clean out hiding places and reduce the opportunity for pests to establish breeding grounds.
  • Landscape Clean-Up – Remove mulch, piles of leaves and organic debris as well as fallen fruit to reduce the attractiveness of your property to insects. Some pests, such as ants, are attracted to sweets and fallen fruit provides a food source.
  • Plumbing Leaks – Fix any conditions contributing to excessive moisture. Insects need water to survive and eliminating sources of moisture in and around/under your home is a good idea.
  • Exterior Lighting – Switch outside light bulbs to yellow bug lights to reduce the attraction of nighttime flying insects, which are also a food source for spiders.

While April showers bring May flowers, the warm spring weather may bring uninvited pests to your property. Get a head start on pest control by prepping your home against unwanted pests. If pests have already made their way indoors, it’s best to contact AmeriGuard Pest Defense so we can perform an inspection and eliminate your infestation. AmeriGuard Pest Defense uses professional products that are rated top in the industry. Botanical services are also available. Most services for pest control can be quoted over the phone by calling (951) 652-0505.