Fall is upon us and although temperatures haven’t dropped considerably here in sunny southern California, you might notice that you are spending less and less time outdoors, especially in the evening hours when the temperatures dip. Like humans, rodents also seek shelter and warmth indoors when the weather cools down and you might notice an increase in rodent activity, including sounds like scratching noises and screeching, scampering and footprints; smells such as rodent urine and sights of rodent dropping in your attic, garage or yard.

Roof rats are well-established in southern California and have extra padding on their feet to allow for climbing. These rats prefer aerial locations, such as trees and rooftops. These rats can easily gain access to an attic or soffits of buildings if tree limbs are touching roof lines. Suburban landscapes often provide hospitable conditions for rodents including: lush landscapes, dense ground cover and shrubs, bird feeders and water fountains and fruit trees.

Rodent Proof your Home

The best rodent control is to take preventative measures before rats and mice become problematic. Now is the time to inspect and rodent-proof your home and make it less attractive to rodents looking for a warm winter home.

  • Check for small openings that can lend entry to rats and mice. Any small opening the size of a dime should be sealed up. Pay special attention to areas where exterior utility pipes are located. Chimneys and vents should be inspected.
  • Trim any branches and tree limbs that are touching or even close enough to provide a pathway to your home for nocturnal rats. Rodents like to nest in palm trees.
  • Remove any fallen fruit from fruit trees.
  • Make sure to secure waste containers and seal up pet food.

Rodent Control San Jacinto 92583

Despite your best efforts, rodents may still invade your structure. If you find rat droppings and urine stains, grease marks from rodent runways, chewed wires and damaged items it may be time to contact pest control professionals for Rodent Control in San Jacinto 92583. Every Rodent Program includes a complimentary rodent inspection. We will identify possible entry points and provide you with a quote to perform the work necessary to keep rodents out of your residence. AmeriGuard can also provide monthly rodent control services for locations that are under constant threat from rodents. Contact us today at (951) 652-0505 to discuss your rodent control needs in San Jacinto, CA!