Termite Inspection

A termite inspection is performed during most real estate transactions in California. A licensed termite inspector performs a detailed termite inspection to determine if a structure has any wood destroying organisms, including termites, during the escrow process of a real estate sale.

Drywood termites feed on dry wood. A drywood colony attacks structural timbers and woodwork of buildings often found in attic framing, wood beams, rafters, siding, fascia, eaves, trims and any other dry wood material in a home.

This termite inspection revealed drywood termites infesting the wood trim of a manufactured home and the siding of the detached shed.

Termite pellets were found behind the trim wood piece that is attached to the wood siding.
Drywood Termite Pellets

Drywood Termite Pellets

First, the damaged trim was removed from the infested structure during this termite treatment. Second, the wall void was treated with a termiticide by drilling through the exterior siding.

Drywood Termite Treatment Wood Repair

Drywood Termite Treatment
 Close up of the removed termite damaged trim.
Live drywood termite workers were found during the termite treatment.
Drywood Termite Worker
 Drywood Termite Control
Lastly, the trim was replaced with new wood and painted to match. 
Drywood Termite Wood Repair
Termite wood repair job completed.
A thorough termite inspection is extremely important when inspecting for termite damage.  An experienced termite inspector will pay close attention to all of the structural wood and woodwork both on the exterior and the interior of a structure.
A termite control service will treat all of the active infestations found at the time of the termite inspection. AmeriGuard Pest Defense provides guarantees for all termite control work. If you are a homeowner or business and have found damaged wood, drywood termite pellets or droppings or kickout holes, you should contact your termite control professionals at AmeriGuard Pest Defense for a termite inspection by calling (951) 652-0505. Real Estate agents may complete our easy online form to submit a request immediately.