Do you need a Termite Pest Control Company? Then look no farther then AmeriGuard Pest Defense. Here at AmeriGuard Pest Defense, we are using all the latest technology and products in order to solve any of your termite needs. Subterranean and Dry-wood termites are the two main termites that infest our properties here in southern California. After all the rains we had this last winter we have seen a major uptick in termite infestation. If you see a termite swarmer, which can look like a winged ant to many people, don’t hesitate to call us for an inspection today at 951-652-0505 today.

Here is a picture of a dry-wood termite swarmer:

Drywood termite swarmer

Many times these will be seeing coming out of an infested wall, crack or crevice, or simply flying around within the structure. The evidence they leave behind is a small loking pellet, which is the fecal matter from the wood they chew and ingest as seen here:

Here you will see what people refer to as a subterranean termite mudtube: