Spiders are part of our natural landscape and are some of the oldest living creatures. They are so much a part of our cultural consciousness that we have nursery rhymes about spiders and popular comic book heroes as well as movies devoted to the fear of spiders. Just like crime-fighting Spiderman, your average garden spider is a ‘beneficial pest’ eating other undesirable insects. Despite the good that some spiders do, the last thing you want to find is spiders inside your home.

Itsy Bitsy Pest Control Spider Service

There isn’t any question that spiders are present in our yards. However, there are some steps that we can take to make our yards less attractive to spiders and prevent them from getting too comfortable in our environment and eventually making their way indoors.

Spiders often make their homes in plants, piles of leaves or wood or dark, undisturbed places. Move these items away from close proximity to your house and spiders will be less likely to gain access. You will also want to seal up small openings and cracks around your windows and make sure that door sweeps are properly fitted and secure without any gaps. Make sure your house is kept clean and clear of cluttered areas where spiders might like to hide. Vacuum hard-to-reach areas with a hose attachment to ensure that spiders are not getting comfortable and to remove any other insects that spiders might be feeding on. Removing food sources and hiding spots will make spiders less likely to stay.

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If you have made the above changes and are still dealing with a spider service, you made need the help of a professional to wash the spider away.