Are you in the search for a VA Termite Inspection Specialist?

A VA Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report is usually required for VA loans and refinances. This form, commonly referred to as Form npma-33, is requested by the VA when processing a home loan or refi. Make sure you don’t fall for any gimmicks or so called “free” inspections. As a professionally licensed in the State of CA, we place a high value on our knowledge and ability to perform superior services when compared to anything you might find out there for free. Rely on a VA Termite Inspection Specialist. Rely on AmeriGuard Pest Defense.

So what does a VA Termite Inspection Specialist do?

A Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report will be performed by a California licensed Termite Inspector as well as a qualified VA Termite Inspection Specialist and will include a visual inspection of the readily accessible areas of the structure. The inspection will include all wood destroying insects, including section 1 items which consist of drywood and subterranean termites as well as any fungus or dry-rot. Also, the report will consist of Section 2 items, which are items whci may lead to a section one item, such as water leaks, faulty soil grades, and water damage. There is a nominal fee of $75for this report, which is emailed to you and your financial institution. In the case of any work performed by us that was part of the inspection, the $75 inspection fee is waived.

What happens next with form NMPA-33?

A licensed termite inspector will complete the VA Wood Destroying Insect Inspection and go over the inspection with you. The inspector will let you know if there was any visible evidence of wood destroying insects OR if the report was clear of any findings and the email will be email to all involved parties within 24 hours of the inspection.

Why choose AmeriGuard Pest Defense for your VA loan or refinancing?

As with any other industry, the pest control business has many national and local companies competing for your business, but here at AmeriGuard we welcome the competition as your VA Termite Inspection Specialist . AmeriGuard has built its reputation by keeping a high standard on the quality of our technical expertise and high customer service standards. AmeriGuard is also proud to be a veteran -owned business.
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 We look forward to working with you and the VA to help you with your home loan or refi. Call us at (951) 652-0505 to schedule a convenient time to perform a wood destroying insect inspection. We look forward to speaking with you and answering any questions you may have and thanking you for your military service.
VA Termite Inspection Specialist