We receive a lot of calls for pest control quotes and we like to begin the conversation by asking what type of pest is the problem. Asking these important questions helps us provide an accurate quote for service and allows our technicians to prepare to deliver the best possible results. The problem pest usually changes with season because pests tend to be more or less visible with the changes in weather and behavior. For instance, the heat of southern California summer brings out a lot of oriental cockroaches or waterbugs.

What is a Waterbug?

In our line of work, it seems that what people refer to as a “waterbug” is usually an outdoor oriental cockroach. Oriental roaches a.k.a “waterbugs” are at least 1″ long, shiny and dark reddish brown-black. These large roaches most likely get their name due to their preference for damp, moist habitats and their preference for water. When these waterbug roaches make their way indoors, it is not uncommon to find them in interior locations such as around toilets in bathrooms and around sinks and drains in kitchens. Typical exterior hiding locations include water heaters and around decaying matter like damp leaf piles, under debris and close to water heater closets and underground sewer drains and manholes.

Waterbug Roach Service

AmeriGuard Pest Defense performs routine services to control waterbug roaches or oriental cockroaches. AmeriGuard offers one-time services for outdoor cockroaches as well as regular services that are scheduled every other month. As long as you keep up your regularly scheduled services your home will be under year-round guarantee for these pesky roaches that can carry filth and disease due to their preference for rotting material. Placing your home under a routine pest control maintenance program will ensure that waterbug cockroach populations are thoroughly reduced and under control. Keep in mind that AmeriGuard does NOT require contracts so you have the option to cancel your service at any time.

Don’t hestitate to call on your waterbug cockroach professionals for a waterbug roach service in Hemet. We look forward to speaking to you! Call (951) 652-0505 for a free cockroach control quote today!