Water Damage Can Ruin Your Investment

Water in the wrong places can cause water damage problems for homeowners. Excessive moisture that is allowed to pool near wood members can lead to an active infestation of fungus or dryrot infection, especially if this water is not able to evaporate. Fungus is a wood-destroying organism and can cause structural damage to homes and other structures.

At AmeriGuard Pest Defense, our termite inspectors pay close attention to Section II items. A Section II item is any finding that can lead to an active infestation. An active infestation (termites, fungus, dry rot, etc.) is a Section I item. Section II items are also referred to as conducive conditions because they can lead to an active infection. Water damage is a section II item. Other examples of Section II items include: earth-wood contacts, faulty grades, cellulose debris, water stains, water damage, etc.

Water Damage Can Lead to a Fungus Infection

This termite inspection revealed water-damaged wood members that led to a fungus infection both on the exterior wood siding and exterior wood trim. Water that was not draining properly from the roof was allowed to collect near wood members. This excess water helped to create a moist environment perfect for an active fungus infection.

The recommendation in this case was to remove and replace the 1x2x4 trim piece of wood with a new piece of trim painted to match.

Fungus Damaged WoodWater Damage / Fungus Before

Our wood repair crew removed the damage trim first.

Drywood Termite Wood RepairWater Damage / Fungus Wood Repair

Fungus Damage Wood Repair

A new piece of wood trim was replaced and painted.

Water Damage Wood RepairCompleted Wood Repair

A piece of exterior siding was also affected by water damage and fungus. The recommendation was to remove and replace a 2×4 foot section of siding.

Water Damage Wood RepairWater Damage / Fungus Wood Siding

Water Damaged WoodWater Damaged Wood

The new siding was cut to size and replaced.

Drywood Termite Wood Repair

The siding was then painted to match the existing color of the home.

Water Damage Wood Repair

Water Damage Wood Repair Completed

Preventing Water Damage

Below are some tips to ensure that your home isn’t attacked by fungi.

  • Eliminate conditions creating excess moisture
  • Fix leaky pipes and drains
  • Install proper rain gutters to drain water away from the structure
  • Reduce earth-wood contacts
  • Ensure sub areas have adequate ventilation

The above guidelines will help to prevent excess moisture at your home and therefor prevent any water damage from costing your money and threatening your investment.