The nocturnal brown-banded cockroach is a domestic cockroach, depending completely on humans for food, shelter and survival. Like German cockroaches, brownbanded roaches prefer warm locations, but are also found throughout a structure, including bedrooms and within and beneath furniture. Brown-banded cockroaches prefer the upper locations of structures.

Brown-Banded Cockroach Health Threats & Concerns

Cockroaches can carry up to 33 different types of bacteria as well as parasitic worms and human pathogens. In addition to these concerns, cockroach fecal material, egg casings and the skin casing that is shed when a cockroach molts can cause allergies in adults and children, including asthma. These skin and egg casings and droppings can accumulate in wall voids and hidden locations where cockroaches congregate and hide.

What Can You Do to Get Rid of Brown-Banded Cockroaches?

Brown-banded cockroach problems are easier to control when they are caught early. Below are some tips relating to cockroach control:

  • Dispose of trash regularly to prevent attracting cockroaches
  • Inspect upper areas of structures, including ceilings, closets, picture frames, wall moldings, as these are preferred infestation areas for brown-banded cockroaches to hide
  • Vacuum often and thoroughly to remove crumbs
  • Keep a clean kitchen to reduce food sources that may attract brown-banded cockroaches.

Scheduling a Brown-Banded Cockroach Treatment Service

Contact your cockroach service experts at AmeriGuard Pest Defense for a cockroach treatment quote. Most quotes for residential cockroach services can be provided over the phone without any obligation. Catching a brown-banded cockroach infestation early will ensure that the cockroach problem is taken care of quickly and efficiently by your cockroach experts at AmeriGuard Pest Defense.