Squirrel Control

Squirrel Control
Squirrel Control

Squirrel Facts, Appearance, Diet

Ground squirrels are rodents that construct burrow systems underground. Ground squirrels infest grassy areas and fields and become an agricultural pest when they forage underground in landscaped areas. Squirrels infest areas where there are readily available food and water sources.

Ground squirrels are most active during the day and survive on green grass, herbaceous plants, seeds, nuts, grains, fruit, mushrooms and insects. Squirrels may live alone in a burrow system or together in colonial burrow systems. Squirrels look for food above ground and have periods of activity from mid-morning to late afternoon. Squirrels breed in December and produce an average litter of 6-8 young. Squirrels may hibernate in late winter months and may also enter periods of inactivity during the hot summer months.

Squirrel Health Threats and Concerns

Ground squirrels can contain ectoparasites, which can transmit human pathogens and diseases, including the plague. Squirrels can introduce flea, tick, lice and mite problems. Ground squirrels can cause damage to crops, ornamental vegetation and gardens.

Squirrel Inspection

AmeriGuard Pest Defense’s Agricultural License allows for treatment of ground burrowing pests, such as squirrels. Each squirrel control service begins with an inspection by a licensed technician. Ground squirrel burrow system openings range in size but are an average of 4” in diameter. Burrows can extend 5-30 ft. and range 2-4 ft. below ground.

Squirrel Control

AmeriGuard Pest Defense offers squirrel control services for residential and commercial locations where squirrels are a nuisance. Depending on the length of the squirrel problem and the severity of the squirrel infestation, your service technician will recommend a squirrel treatment plan to fit your needs and budget.

Squirrel Service Frequency

A squirrel problem usually does not happen overnight and just like it takes time to develop an infestation, it also may take time to gain control and reduce the population. If your property borders wildlands, vacant lots, open field or neighboring yards with squirrel activity, you can expect squirrels to re-invade regularly. In this case, an ongoing maintenance plan may be necessary to achieve optimum squirrel control and to stay on top of squirrel activity. Unfortunately, there is not a way to stop squirrels from entering your yard and squirrels may re-invade over time, however, you can make habitat modifications to make your yard less attractive to ground squirrels. Squirrel treatment services are available on a Monthly or a 30-Day Service (including an initial service and inspection and a follow-up visit to check activity).

What You Can Do?

  • Eliminate food sources that may attract squirrels such as pet food and bird seed feeders
  • Remove unharvested and rotten fruit from fruit trees

Scheduling a Squirrel Control Service

Contact your squirrel service experts at AmeriGuard Pest Defense for a free squirrel control quote. Most quotes for residential and commercial squirrel services can be provided over the phone without any obligation. AmeriGuard Pest Defense’s Squirrel Maintenance Program will help to reduce current squirrels as well as control future squirrel problems. No contracts required!