Rodents are mammals that are highly-adaptable to a variety of environments. Rodents that live close to and depend on humans are referred to as commensal rodents. Commensal rodents include the Roof Rat, Norway Rat and House Mouse.

Rodents are mostly nocturnal, but may be visualized during the day. Rodents contaminate and destroy food and can cause damage to buildings, property and belongings through their gnawing, burrowing activities and defecating and urinating. Rodents burrow and tunnel through upper parts of structures in attics and lower parts of structures such as sub areas beneath a home. Rodents can contaminate attic insulation and destroy valuable items.

Rodent Health Threats and Concerns

Rodents can carry and transmit disease pathogens to humans. Rodents spread disease through ectoparasites such as fleas, ticks, lice and mites.

Contaminated Rodent Urine & Droppings

Rodents also spread disease through their urine and rodent droppings. Rodent droppings can number in the thousands. Rodent urine contains a pheromone that can attract other rodents. It is important that rodent droppings and rodent urine be treated, cleaned up and disposed of safely. AmeriGuard Pest Defense offers a Decontamination Service to decontaminate rodent infested areas and droppings, which will disinfect, sanitize and eliminate any viruses.

Rodent Grease Stains

Rodents compensate for their lack of developed eyesight by having developed senses of touch, smell and hearing. Due to their poor eye sight, they repeatedly travel the same pathways. These rodent runways will be worn and will show rodent grease marks from the constant rubbing of their oily, dirty bodies.

Rodents Chew Wires & Valuables

Rodents teeth do not stop growing. As a result, rodents constantly gnaw and chew on items to file their teeth. Rodents have been known to chew wires in attics and walls, which can cause a spark and lead to a fire.

Rodent Baiting and Rodent Trapping Service

AmeriGuard Pest Defense provides a variety of different rodent treatment options depending on your unique situation and budget. In areas with established rodent populations, your service technician may recommend an exterior baiting program to complement our rodent exclusion or rodent trapping service.

Rodent trapping services are available for those sensitive accounts that cannot or do not want to use rodenticides. Trapping requires regular maintenance and frequent checking of the rodent traps. Your AmeriGuard Pest Defense service technician will schedule convenient times to re-check the rodent traps.

Rodent Control Service Frequency

AmeriGuard Pest Defense offers Rodent Control services on a One-Time (30 Day) and Monthly basis for residential homes and commercial establishments.

Dead Rodents

Upon successful completion of a baiting program, you may have to deal with dead rodents. Unfortunately, AmeriGuard cannot control where rodents choose to die, which can often be inside the attic or in hard to access wall voids. Dead rodents cause a horrible odor as they rot and decay. As an additional service, AmeriGuard can provide Odor Bags, which remove the odor even if the decaying rodent is unable to be removed.