1. Heavy ant infestation in yard

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  2. San Jacinto Ant Control Company

    San Jacinto Ant Control Company Are you struggling with an invasion of ants this summer? Do you see ants trailing outside? Are you finding it difficult to keep ants out of your plants and garden? Are ants finding their way inside your home, traveling across your countertops, in your pantry and taking up residence in your bathrooms? When ants are out in full force, you might find yourself in need o…Read More

  3. Argentine Ants Major Problem in Summer – San Jacinto Ant Service

    Argentine Ants Major Problem in Summer San Jacinto Ant Service If you are like us, you look forward to summer. Summer is full of warm weather, (or HOT weather if you live in San Jacinto or Hemet) barbeques, beach trips and fun with friends and family. You might even be looking forward to your favorite aunt's annual visit, but we're sure this ant is not your favorite and you certainly do not want t…Read More

  4. Ant Control – Pest Control for Argentine Ants

    Effective Ant Control Ant control is an often requested service in the pest control business. According to the NPMA Field Guide to Structural Pests, ants are one of the most successful group of insects. These social insects live in colonies with nests usually located on the ground. Ants usually make their way indoors looking for shelter, water and/or food. While ants will feed on most foods (meats…Read More