1. San Jacinto Ant Control Company

    San Jacinto Ant Control Company Are you struggling with an invasion of ants this summer? Do you see ants trailing outside? Are you finding it difficult to keep ants out of your plants and garden? Are ants finding their way inside your home, traveling across your countertops, in your pantry and taking up residence in your bathrooms? When ants are out in full force, you might find yourself in need o…Read More

  2. Summer Ant Service – French Valley Pest Control

    We keep hearing about an impending El Nino winter and it is hard to imagine so much rain coming after the heat we experienced in August. However, we also had some rainfall and cloudy, humid days, so it appears that El Nino has already begun. August brought high heat temperatures followed by stormy skies and thunderstorms. The extreme weather of heat and rain is the right combination for ants to s…Read More

  3. Hemet Ant Control Service

    Hemet Ant Control Service As we head outside during the summer months to enjoy the warm weather, barbecues and picnics,  look who else is out enjoying the outdoors - ANTS. Just when you are enjoying your summer vacation, ants show up on your patio and in your garden, trailing and nesting in your yard and home and drive you crazy. When it gets too hot and dry, ants sometimes seek food, water and…Read More

  4. Argentine Ants Major Problem in Summer – San Jacinto Ant Service

    Argentine Ants Major Problem in Summer San Jacinto Ant Service If you are like us, you look forward to summer. Summer is full of warm weather, (or HOT weather if you live in San Jacinto or Hemet) barbeques, beach trips and fun with friends and family. You might even be looking forward to your favorite aunt's annual visit, but we're sure this ant is not your favorite and you certainly do not want t…Read More

  5. Termite Swarmers vs. Ant Swarmers

    Termite Swarmers vs. Ant Swarmers We received a great question on the AmeriGuard Pest Defense Facebook page recently regarding winged ants. This article will explore the difference between termite swarmers vs. ant swarmers. People often confuse termite with ants because they appear similar and both winged forms swarm during the same times of year. Termite and ant colonies are matriarchal societies…Read More