1. Termite local treatment in wall

    Here is a short video of our foaming machine being used to treat for drywood termites in a wall void. This is a service we can perform as an alternative to a termite tent fumigation when the results will still be effective. Termite local treatments come with a termite guarantee of the treated areas only when compared to the whole house guarantee that comes with a structural tent fumigation. AmeriG…Read More

  2. Subterranean Termite Soil Treatment

    Here is a picture from a Social media post we did about a subterranean termite treatment we just recently performed in Hemet. The homeowner was in need of our assistance when they found what they thought was termite evidence on a bedroom door jamb. After performing the inspection we discovered a big crack in the foundation three feet away from the door and also discovered some termite there as wel…Read More

  3. Tent fumigation for Drywood Termites

                            Here is a picture of a termite fumigation that was done today in San Jacinto for the control of drywood termites. The owner needed a NPMA-33 form for the bank for a purchase and we performed a full inspection. During the inspection, a bad infestation of drywood termites were found in multiple ares of the home. The primary recommendation was a tent fumigation, an…Read More

  4. Termite wood treatment on exposed wood

    Here is a video of our technician Jordon performing a Timbor liquid treatment on some exposed wood in a garage. We also did a local treat on the spots that were infested with termites with a product called Termidor. Call AmeriGuard Pest Defense today at 951-652-0505 in order to schedule a termite inspection.…Read More

  5. AmeriGuard performing a termite spot treatment

    Our technician Jordon has his battle suit on and ready to kill off a drywood termite population under this porch an inside of a shed. We performed this termite spot treatment successfully after using a borate product called Timbor and an awesome termiticide called Termidor. We recommend you call AmeriGuard Pest Defense today at 951-652-0505 to schedule a termite inspection. Whether you need a insp…Read More

  6. Termites on deck

    99% of homeowners would have never known this 2nd story deck was being supported by a badly infested 2x12 beam. It takes a qualified inspector to understand everything to look for. Please call AmeriGuard Pest Defense to order a full inspection for your home if you haven’t had one in the last few years. 951-652-0505. Thank you. #termitespecialist #termitecontrol #localpestcontrol  …Read More

  7. Local Termite Control Company

    Are you in the need of a local professional Pest control company to get rid of you termite infestation? If so, call your local professionals at AmeriGuard Pest Defense today at 951-652-0505. AmeriGuard Pest Defense has been providing reliable and professional termite control services in the cities of Hemet, San Jacinto, Menifee, Murrieta, Temecula, Perris, Moreno Valley, Beaumont, Banning, and sur…Read More