1. Ant nest in yard

    With all the rain we’ve had this season, the ants will be pretty bad this spring. Here is some video taken today by one of our technicians Joseph. Make sure you have AmeriGuard Pest Defense treat your home before it’s to late. 951-652-0505…Read More

  2. Subterranean Termite Soil Treatment

    Here is a picture from a Social media post we did about a subterranean termite treatment we just recently performed in Hemet. The homeowner was in need of our assistance when they found what they thought was termite evidence on a bedroom door jamb. After performing the inspection we discovered a big crack in the foundation three feet away from the door and also discovered some termite there as wel…Read More

  3. AmeriGuard team meeting

    Here is a picture of your AmeriGuard team members having a meeting in order to discuss how we can better serve you as our customer and your homes. We meet on a regular basis in order to train on chemicals, customer service, set goals, reflect on prior months, and have open team discussions. Employee moral also leads to better service, dedication, loyalty, and results. Please make sure to call us t…Read More

  4. Multi-unit German Cockroach Service

     A call for a Multi-unit German Cockroach Service, and how AmeriGuard handled it. Last week AmeriGuard received a call from a property owner who owns a 4-Plex in Hemet, CA, looking for a quote to eliminate roaches in his building. Before we could quote him it was important to first ask him a few questions regarding when, where, and how often the tenants were finding these roaches in their units. …Read More

  5. Best Hemet Pest Control Company Rated on Thumbtack

    Best Hemet Pest Control Company Rated on Thumbtack Have you ever used Thumbtack as a way to research and hire local experts in your area. Thumbtack is another way many people are  learning about AmeriGuard Pest Defense on the internet. As of 10-30-13, AmeriGuard Pest Defense is considered a "Gold" member. Do you want to know who the best Hemet Pest Control Company Rated on Thumbtack is? Here is a…Read More

  6. Hemet Pest Control

    Hemet Pest Control So you live in the city of Hemet California and you need a pest control service? Ants, spiders, bees, termites, crickets, mice, rats, flies, moles, squirrels, mites, bed bugs, and on and on and on. The Hemet area is full of sunshine year round and also makes a beautiful home for many pest. Hemet Pest Control option may vary from local experts such as AmeriGuard Pest Defense, at …Read More

  7. San Jacinto Gopher Control Company

    San Jacinto Gopher Control Company Are gophers eating up your yard, flowers, destroying you sprinklers, or just making themselves at home on your property? If so, you may want to call the most reliable and dependable San Jacinto Gopher Control Company AmeriGuard Pest Defense. AmeriGuard Pest Defense has been proven to be the  best San Jacinto Gopher Control Company time and time again by usin…Read More