Drywood Termite Control


Drywood Termites

Drywood termites are social insects that feed on structural dry wood and live in colonies within wood members. Drywood termites typically gain access to a structure by entering small holes within wood members. This occurs when a male and female pair of swarmers enter a wood site to build a nest. Drywood termites create galleries and chambers that cut across the grain of the wood. Since termite colonies grow slowly, it can take years before a drywood termite problem is discovered by a homeowner.


Drywood Termite Inspection

An drywood termite inspection begins with a licensed termite inspector providing an inspection of your residence and property. AmeriGuard offers free “limited” termite inspections for homeowners. We can also provide a full inspection of the entire structure. There is a $75 fee for a complete inspection, which will be applied to any termite treatment that is performed.

Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Report

After the termite inspection, a Wood Destroying Organism report will be typed up and filed with the State of California through the Structural Pest Control Board. This report will outline all of the termite findings as well as the primary and secondary termite treatment options that are available.

Drywood Termite Treatments

Depending on the location of the termite problem, there may be different options available for drywood termite treatments. Fumigation is our primary recommendation for drywood termites that extend into inaccessible areas. AmeriGuard also offers several secondary “spot” treatments to locally control drywood termites that are found within accessible areas.

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Secondary Local Treatments

termidor logo [gif]Depending on accessibility, localized or “spot” treatments are perfect for exterminating isolated infestations of termites. There are several secondary treatment options for drywood termites. AmeriGuard Pest Defense controls drywood termites using non-repellent, transferable termiticides that allow termites to penetrate treated areas where they come into contact with the termiticide. The termiticide is then transferred to the termite’s body and into the colony, spreading to other termites like a plague. Borate treatments and foaming agents are another method of termite control. Foaming agents soak into the wood members and leave behind residual termiticides, killing the termites. If you are interested in tent-less termite control, call AmeriGuard, our termite inspection specialists will be more than happy to explain secondary treatments for your structure.

Guaranteed Drywood Termite Treatments

All of AmeriGuard Pest Defense’s drywood termite treatments are guaranteed to protect your structure. Our local drywood termite treatments are guaranteed for 1 year, and a structural fumigation receives a 2 year guarantee against future infestations.